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DIN Specifications

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Fasteners and Fixing

  Brass Nuts Brass Bolts Fasteners High Tensile Fasteners   Brass Anchors Brass Bolts Nuts Bolts Brass Nuts   Brass Fasteners  Brass Inserts Molding inserts Brass Molding Brass Inserts Brass Expansion Anchors Anchor Fasteners Door Wedge Anchors  Brass Stainless Panel Nuts Jam Nuts Lock Nuts Locking Nuts Brass Machine Screws Brass Screws Brass Slotted Anchors Concrete Anchors Anchor fasteners Brass Wood Screws  Brass Spacers Brass Standoffs  Brass Square Nuts Square head Bolts Screw fasteners  Brass Stainless Flanged Back Nuts Fixings Dome Nuts Fixings Brass Dome Nuts Brass Stainless Steel Lock Nuts Panel Jam Check Nuts  Metric Fasteners Metric Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Slotted Grub Screws Chicago Screws  Brass Stainless Steel Socket cap Screws  Bolts Nuts Industrial fasteners India DIN 933 DIN 934  Threaded Fasteners Brass Stainless  Brass Inserts Brass Molding Inserts   Brass Hex Set Screws Brass Wood Screws Brass Hex Nuts Brass Round Head Screws Brass Eye Bolts Brass Cheese Head Screws Brass Cap Acorn Dome Nuts Brass Pan Head Screws Brass Studs Threaded Rods All threads Brass CSK Head Screws  Brass Grub Screws Brass Raised CSK Head Screws Brass Wing  Nuts Brass Square Nuts Brass Spacers Brass Pillars   Brass Books Screws  Chicago Screws   Helical Knurled Brass Inserts Knurled Screws Tappex type Brass Inserts   BSP / NPT Threaded Brass Inserts Straight Knurled Brass Inserts  Self Tapping Brass Inserts  Cross Knurled Brass Inserts Press Lock type Brass Inserts    Brass Screws   Brass Fasteners  Brass Screws Brass Nuts  Brass Screws  Brass Fasteners    Brass Nuts  Phillips Head Screws Combination Head Cross Head Screws Brass Fasteners Brass Fasteners

Electrical / Electronic Accessories

  Brass Electronic Connectors  Brass Pin Electrical Plugs Brass Conduit Fittings  Panel Board Fittings   Copper Bronze Bolted Lugs  Electrical Conduit Fittings Copper Bonded Earth Grounding Rods  Brass Electrical Accessories Electrical Components Inline Connectors Splices Pre-Insulted Copper Terminals Brass Battery terminals Copper Battery terminals Copper Brass Battery Connectors Brass Connectors Electronic Connectors   Brass Terminals Copper Terminals Brass Electrical Accessories Brass Electrical Components Brass Neutral Terminal Bars Links Brass Terminal Blocks Earth Bars Earth Blocks Copper Brass Battery Terminals Battery Connectors Bronze Copper Brass Grounding Clamps Grounding Connectors Steel Conduit Fittings Junction Box Boxes  Galvanized (G. I.) Steel Conduit Fittings Cable Gland Systems   Cable Gland Accessories Brass Battery Terminals Copper Battery Terminals Brass Split Bolt Connectors  Brass Wire Cable Connectors Copper Lugs Copper Cable Lugs Copper Terminals Copper Cable Terminals  Copper Compression Lugs Aluminium Compression Lugs Crimping Lugs  BI-Metallic Copper and Aluminium Terminals Earthing Equipments Earth Plates Interface Test Clamps Mechanical Connectors / Lugs Ground Clamps   Multiple Points Earth Points Oblong Test Clamps   Copper Taper Air Rods Square Tape Clamps Terminal Bases   Rod to Cable Clamps   Tape Clips Rod to Lug Clamps   Couplers   U - Bolt Clamps DC Tape Clips Rain Water Pipe (RWP) Bonds   Test Bonds Rod to Tape 'A' Clamps  Bare Copper Tape Flexible Braid Bonds and Connectors   Earth Rod Spikes Brass Neutral Bars earth Bars Neutral Links   Panel Board Fittings  Copper Earthing Rods Grounding Rods   Split Bolts Line Taps Split bolt connectors  Electronic Brass Connectors  Brass Connectors

Cable Accessories /Conduit Fittings

  Copper Terminal Ends Copper Lugs  BW 2 Cable Glands  Part Brass Cable Glands   BW 3 Part Brass Cable Glands   CW Brass Cable Glands   E1 W Brass Cable Glands   Alco Brass Cable Glands PG Threaded Brass Cable Glands   CXT type Cable Glands   CX Brass cable glands   A2 type Brass Cable Gland  Marine Cable Glands   T.R.S. Brass Cable Glands   Wiping Glands  Cable Gland Kit (Pack)  Space Bar  Distance Saddles Lock Nuts Flat & Twisted Crampets Inspection Tees  Elbows (with Cover & Screws) Junction Box Cover Lids Pressed Conduit Boxes Emt Conduit Fittings Milled Edge Lock Rings Female Couplers Junction Boxes Die Cast Dome Covers Hooks Plates Male Nipples Galvanized Male Hooks  Brass Cable Glands    Copper Cable Lugs Cable Terminals Copper Lugs Brass Nuts Copper lugs terminals Dimensions    Cable Glands  Cable Accessories Cable Gland Accessories   Conduit Fittings   Copper Terminals   Brass Cable Glands   Copper Cable Lugs Cable Terminals Copper Lugs Cable Accessories Conduit Fittings Copper Lugs Copper Terminals Brass Cable Glands Accessories Brass Cable Glands Accessories

Turned and Pressed Parts

Brass Copper Pressings Press Work Pressed Parts Manufacturers  Brass Turned Components Brass Turned Parts Brass Pressed Parts  Brass Washers Copper Washers Washers Pressed Components Pressed Components  Turned Parts Brass Turned Parts  Turned Components Brass Turned Components Metal turned Parts Metal Components metal pressed Parts  Brass Machined Components Machined Parts Brass Manufacturers India Manufacturers Brass Screw Machine Parts   Pressed Parts Components    Pressed Parts Pressings Pressed Components

Hose Fitting

Brass Stainless Steel Hose Menders Hose Connectors Splices Jointers Fluid Power Accessories Fluid Power Components Brass Hose Fittings Garden Hose Fittings Hose Accessories Pneumatic Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Air Fittings Accessories   Brass Hose Fittings Brass Hose Fittings Hose Fittings Brass Hose Barbs Nipples

Pipe Fittings

Brass Sanitary Fittings Pipe Clamps Brass Compression Fittings Brass Pipe Fittings Brass Plumbing Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Couplings Connectors Couplers Brass Stainless Steel Elbows Tees Hydraulic Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Tube Fittings Pipe Clamps Brass Pipe Clamps Pipe Fittings Brass Stainless Steel Pipe fittings  Pipe Clamps Steel Pipe Clamps Pipe Saddles Pipe Brackets Compression Fittings Brass Sanitary Fittings Brass Sanitary Fittings  Sanitary Fittings  Brass Pipe Fittings

Stainless Steel Fitting

  S. S. Stainless steel  Fittings Components Stainless Steel Turned Parts Brass Hooks Stainless Steel Hooks Stainless Steel Casting castings Stainless Steel Components Stainless Steel Flanges Stainless Steel Compression Fittings  Stainless Steel Fasteners Stainless Steel Fitting Stainless Steel Springs Stainless Steel hose Fittings Hose Connectors Stems Stainless Steel Fittings S. S. Fittings Components Parts   Stainless Steel Hose Barbs Stainless Steel Foundry Foundries SS Foundry  Steel Forging Stainless Steel Forgings Stampings SS Stainless Steel Lost Wax investment Casting castings Stainless Steel nuts Hex SS Nuts  Stainless Steel Parts Stainless Steel Screws SS Screws Stainless Steel Grids Strainers Sieves Kitchen Sinks bath overflow grids Stainless Steel Grids Strainers Sieves Kitchen Sinks bath overflow grids  Stainless Steel Fittings Components  Stainless Steel Fittings

Metal Casting

  Aluminium Bronze Foundry Castings Casting Parts Foundries Copper Casting Copper Castings Brass Buckles Brass Clips Brass Clamps Brass Casting Brass Castings Brass Copper Cast Casting Parts Components Fittings Foundries Foundry Brass Copper Non Ferrous Gravity Die Casting Die Castings Bronze Gunmetal Casting Casting Copper Alloy Alloys Casting Castings Foundry India Foundries

General Engineering Parts

  Aluminium Turned Parts Brass Pressed Components Sheet Metal Components Parts Work   Drop Forged Hand Tools Helical Springs Aluminium Parts Aluminum Components Fittings Aluminium Copper Stamping Forging Stampings Forgings Rubber Washers Pool Cover Hardware Pool Cover Manufacturers Drop Forged Steel Spanners Rubber Molding Molded Parts Components Rubber Molders India Hot Stamped Components Bolt Cutters Wire Cutters Cable Cutters Fiber Gaskets Packaging Porcelain Ceramic Parts Drop Forged Steel Spanners Washers Pressed Components Heat Shrink End Cap

General Brass Copper Parts

Brass Cast Stamped Lugs Copper Bronze Brass Earthing Accessories Non Ferrous Brass Copper Foundry Foundries Micro Tiny Brass Components    Brass Parts Copper Fittings Brass Components Brass Chain Brass Chains Wash Basin Sinks Brass Hinges  Brass Copper Pump Parts Cast Casting Pump Parts Brass Exporters India Exporters Brass Fitting Brass Grease Nipples Brass Forging Stamping Brass Forgings Brass Stampings  Brass Bicycle Brass Auto tyre Valves Brass Hardware Brass Builders Hardware  Copper Parts Copper Components Copper Fittings Copper Fittings Copper Components Copper Parts Thread Converters Adapters Plugs Lamp Holders Brass Ceramic Parts lamp Components Brass Parts Copper Fittings Brass Parts  Brass Parts Copper Fittings Copper Grounding Rods Earth rods Copper Alloys Cooper Castings  Brass Tank Connectors Brass Water Tank Fittings

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